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February 6, 2017 by Carmel


Creating a book is like giving birth to a child.  In the embryonic stage you are hoping that all the elements come together at the right time to form a perfect being.  You nurture it, feed it, remove any obstacles from its way and lovingly carry it with you in every thought.  Then the time comes for you to let go and release it into the world, where you have no control over how people treat it.  Will they be kind?  Will they be cruel?  You just have to hope that all the love and care and attention you put into creating and developing it sets it up for success.  You set out to create a perfect being, but alas nothing is perfect.  The best you can hope for is that it can stand up to criticism, bring joy to others and have enough of you in it to know that it will be ok.

And so I offer you my latest ‘child’ The Undertaker:Masquerade.  As it finds its way into your home and away from mine, you will be pleased to know that my fertile mind is pregnant with another creation – Conviction is due out in June.


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