True story set in Scotland and Australia

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October 5, 2017 by Carmel

As William has no grave marker, this book is his legacy.


I have lived with the spirit of William McDonald for most of this year.  William was a young man from the Highlands of Scotland who sailed for Australia in 1885.  He went to work on a sugar plantation in Maryborough on the east coast of Queensland, with the hope of one day owning his own plantation.  He discovered that he could make a lot of money droving horses north to the goldfields in Charters Towers and sugar plantations in Ayr and Mackay.  He was a natural with horses and soon adapted to the harsh and unfamiliar terrain in uncharted country.  William accumulated great wealth but never go the chance to spend it as he met his end at the hands of a madman.

The story came to me through William’s grand-nephew.  As William has no grave marker, this book is his legacy.

The e-book is available now and the paperback will be published shortly.   I invite you to read William’s story and let me know your thoughts.



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